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Ultra-cheap short flights

Nexxtrip is a flight search engine of Russian origin and will thus in the first place offer flights within Russia. There are yet flights from € 3. These ultra-cheap flights go over a traject of about hundred kilometres as return from Voronezh –> Lipetsk or return from Belgorod –> Voronezh. Other Nexxtrip cheap flights are Voronezh ↔ Tambov (€ 7) and Bratislava ↔ Nis (€ 7). Be aware that Nexxtrip cheap flights mostly don’t include the costs for luggage so that you are not completely unknown when at the airport they ask you for a fee to embark with your luggage.

Nexxtrip flights over a longer traject

But with Nexxtrip you can also fly over longer traject. There are no limits and you can book cheap flights all over the world. Do you want make a Multi-city route the use Jetradar for this purpose. This way you can easily book a complete circle as e.g. Brussels –> London –> New York –> Honolulu –> Tokyo –> Moskow –> Brussels. Six flights is the maximum, and inside the search you can still book one flight more, for a multi-city trip with Jetradar. Try it out for yourself. This trip booked from 31 May to 20 June 2019 costs € 1,772.06 with KIWI, included 1 FREE cabin baggage. Phileas Fogg (‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ by Jules Verne, 1873) did the trip in 80 days, you fix it in 20 or less.

More “Around the world” and other Nexxtrip cheap flights

That was only an example. Following your inspiration, you can also go around the world over the pole regions or do smaller tours within one continent. This becomes still more interesting when you also take the cheapest flight per trip into account. Link any stop or change point to the most popular site seeing of the cities to make it a great “Around the world” trip. Most common flights are just going – return to and from their destination point. Or business trips. Therefore you have the choice between economy and business class within your flight.

Nexxtrip cheap flights with low-cast airline

All these flights are made possible by low-cost airlines as WIZZ, RYANAIR, and many more. Airlines that recuperate money, gone lost in cheap flights, from publicity campaigns.



NEXXTRIP is a travel site with flight search engine based upon AVIASALES. Except for flights it also offers hotels and holidays packs from different travel agents. NEXXTRIP also has gay travel and a business directory.

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