Every African his car?

Every African is about having his own car or at least dreams about owning one now that in Western countries they try to get their agglomerations as much as possible traffic free. But remember that the car industry in Africa took part of their development to become independent countries.

Africans car made by Africans for Africa

1. The Katanka (Ghanese)

Made in Ghana: Three Cars Designed and Manufactured In Ghana

1. Kantanka Amoanimaa – GHS80,000
2. Kantanka K71 – GHS85,000
3. Kantanka Onantefuo – GHS170,000
4. Kantanka Mensah – GHS120,000

2. Innoson (Nigeria)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innoson_Vehicle_Manufacturing
ZX Auto Grand Tiger

3. Kiira Ev Smack (Uganda)
Kiira EV

4. Mobius Motors (Kenya)
Mobius II
5. Turtle
An identified car

6. Wind en Solar car

7. Birkin cars SA



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