Those traveling to or back from Africa have a good chance of flying with the Boeing 737 of Ethiopian Airlines. Surprising on a first trip to or back from Africa are the greater luxuries on board African aircraft compared to European flights. But you are also much longer in the air and therefore have a greater need for “entertainment” on the go.


Flight from Accra, GH -> Brussels, BE 19/20 Jan. 2023

This is about the flight back from Africa to Brussels on 19th Jan., arrival on 20th Jan., booked with Mytrip via The view from above of the equatorial region showed mainly a white layer of fog, probability due to the density of the sky and the occasional special cloud. Later it was too dark to make out anything.


First part flight over the equatorial

Accra - Addis Abeba

Accra -> Addis Abeba


Second part over North Africa

Addis Abeba -> Brussels

Addis Abeba -> Brussels



This flight was the return part of a round trip Brussels – Accra – Brussels.

# Service Cost
# Price £413.94
# Taxes & Charges £56.05
# Total £469.99
# Facultative costs:
# Support Package Standard £8.99
# Check-in
Boarding cards are issued by e-mail three hours before departure at the latest
# Booking number by SMS £2.99
# Flight updates by SMS £3.49
# Cancellation Guarantee £57.00
# Special Meal £6.99
# Baggage service £6.08
# Trip Cancellation Protection £58.51
# Seat reservations £35.96
# FLEX £63.25
Flexible Ticket, Airhelp plus flight delay compensation

Entertainment during the flight

Each has a screen on the back of the seat in front of it on which you can initially follow the progress of the flight over the map, in this case that of Africa and Europe. You can ask for headphones with which you can listen to music and watch movies. There are 80 different files of different genres. Remember that you are on board an African aircraft and you will not see any LGBT. The films have also been kept “clean” and censored from porn and bed scenes. It’s also handy that you don’t have to hear anything at all from behind your headphones when the children around you get crying because of the long flight.


Meals and drinks

Everyone has the choice between different meals with fish or meat, and different drinks.


Upgrade to CloudNine Business Class

A few days before the departure of the flight you will receive an e-mail asking if you want to upgrade to CloudNine business class. But only if your flight qualifies for this, which is not the case with all flights. You make a bid and then you receive an e-mail informing you whether your bid was sufficient to qualify. You should be prepared to pay £550 to £900 extra for a bit more legroom and a bigger screen, but you can also sleep the entire trip if you wish. In addition, CloudNine Business Class already starts at Addis Ababa airport where you can spend the waiting time between two flights in a special suite.


Delay in Vienna

The delay in Vienna supposedly for technical reasons was the final stop for many. Travelers for Brussels remained on the same aircraft with a waiting time before taking off again.


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