Are you worried about fares that can’t be found?

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Are you worried about fares that can’t be found?

Do you feel embarrassed because Travel Engine doesn’t list the price for certain flights? Most if not always these are Ryanair flights. Ryanair is a super cheap flight association as you all know. But it flies only between certain cities. Thus only if those cities are involved in your search you can fall on flights with Ryanair. Especially don’t worry because the program can’t find the price. If you meet Ryanair flights without a price just decide that you want to fly with Ryanair and go as the hell to their site.
Public domain image: Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Manchester International Airport

How do you fall on Ryanair flights?

It’s not because a Ryanair flight without price is listed other than on the first place that it also earns to show up there. Most likely one of those Ryanair flights is the cheapest and thus would earn to be listed as the first if the fare could be found. Since the day you started traveling independently or even earlier you know that Ryanair beats all prices. No need to scan the Ryanair site from beforehand and take a look if Ryanair flies between the cities of your depart and arrival. Just put in “all cities” for both city of depart and city of arrival as a kind of a wild card. If there are any Ryanair flights among the results they will be listed as the first results. Unless of course, the nearest airport that flies with Ryanair is too far away from your home to bring you any profit.
Comparison of flight search resultsComparison of flight search results
Accidentally I fell on this after have read one of the articles about flight search engines in Huffington Post.

Why Travelengine doesn’t mention the price of a Ryanair flight

It’s not that Travel Engine doesn’t want to mention a price. Travel Engine is the whitelabel of an affiliate program. For each booked flight Travel Engine is paid a very small part because of its included affiliation with all flight sites its engine searches through. Except for Ryanair that has no affiliate program. Why would the maker of our whitelabel do any pain to include results in its searches for which nobody pays? Maybe there is another reason of more technical nature also. Earlier prices of Ryanair flights were given and adorned always on first place. But when you clicked the button to book with Ryanair you were just droped on Ryanair’s homepage and you could do your search over.


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