Cheapest Flights Europe with flexible dates

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Cheapest flights Europe with flexible dates have over hundred destinations in Europe. These flights run on fixed data and come back every x weeks. If you want the cheapest flight for your trip then these are the pages where you have to be. Don’t try to find cheaper flights with the search engine because do neither know the start date of a cheap flight nor the return date. When choosing for the cheapest flight you have to accept the proposed dates for your flight. Else you must book an ordinary flight. If you want nevertheless travel on the dates you decide yourself then you have to accept a higher price.

Cheap Flights Europe and your luggage

For the given price if indicated your personal item is free of charge, and your cabin baggage and checked baggage are paid optionally. Before you book you can already take a look on websites of booking (you find under the price at the left of the table with flight results) to be informed about everything around luggage. Some booking sites also give you the opportunity to drop the personal item and travel with any luggage at all in change for a small amount you pay your trip for less. You can uncheck luggage possibilities you don’t want in the left menu.

Cheap Flights Europe and travel insurance

During the booking of your trip you have also the choice if you would take basical travel insurance, or insurance against an increased fee or no travel insurance at. The latter gives you the chance to take travel insurance at an agency of your choice completely outside this booking. E.g. the KIWI site work with AXA for travel insurance but you are not obligated to take insurance.

Payments on the site of booking


Payment cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Maestro, Mir, Diners Club International

Credit cards payment KIWI
Credit cards payment KIWI

What to do if your payment card is not working?

Alternative payment options on the KIWI booking website
These are only available for certain languages and currencies:
Paypal: EUR or USD and American English, German, or French language
Sofort: EUR and German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, or Slovak language
Trustly: EUR and Swedish, Danish, Finish, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, or Estonian language
Alipay: CNY and Chinese language
China UnionPay: CNY and Chinese language
You can change the language and currency at the top right corner of our website.

You can change the language and currency at the top right corner of the KIWI website.

KIWI does not accept prepaid visa cards, bank transfers, cheques, or payments over the phone!

Security verification
All payments go through a security system to protect you from fraud.

KIWI credit

When you register on the KIWI booking site you get access to the KIWI credit program. Here you can invite your closest friends to sign up via your invitation and as soon as your friend books for € 200 or more you get € 20 in your account. You can invite as many friends as you want but you can’t get credit for more than € 5000. Also, if the people you move to sign up are not really good friends, KIWI can simply refuse to offer you the credit you would have earned.

Alternative payments KIWI
Alternative payments KIWI


BUDGETAIR payments
BUDGETAIR payments


It depends on the country version you book on. But generally you can only book with credit card.
For UK you have next payment options:
Cheap Flights Europe - Supersaver UK payment options
Supersaver UK payment options
And for Sweden:
Cheap Flights Europe - Supersaver Sweden payment options
Supersaver Sweden payment options


Cheap Flights Europe - Smartfares


Cheap Flights Europe - Mytrip Sweden
Mytrip Sweden

Cheap Flights Europe - Mytrip UK
Mytrip UK


Cheap Flights Europe - Kissandfly

How to book Cheap Flights Europe

If the payment options matter to you or in other words if you have no credit card you can just uncheck the booking site you will not use. At the left click there for on the last menu item “ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCIES”. When it opens it shows the list of websites of which we have bespoken the payment options in the former paragraphs with check box at there right.

Cheapest Flights Europe with flexible dates

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