How is Sunny Beach

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How is Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a strip of land along the Black Sea in Bulgaria. This one borders Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. It is around 1 km width and 6 km length in the shape of an elongated quarter moon.
The beach is of medium size. Free zones are alternated with paid zones, the latter populated with garden chairs with quite some space in between and each provided with a parasol. There are not necessarily changing cabins in the whole neighborhood. The Black Sea looks as a big lake with aquamarine colored water and grasslike algae. No lower animals show up between the breakwater cobbles. There is little movement in the sea and there are no tides.

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The Black Sea looks as an empty lake with aquamarine colored water and grasslike algae. No disgusting jellyfish on the beach nor frightened escaping crabfishes between the breakwater cobbles. To a limited extent, there are brackish water lower animals and fishes and further some marine mammal species. In Bulgaria the sun rises from the sea although in certain areas as in Sunny Beach it can also rise from a penninsula.

Sunny Beach is one big fair with the hotels and apartments as cornerstones. They are in a typical ochreous, pink, brick-red or blue color and from an irregular shape, partly oval and very often step-shaped. An empty swimming pool covering nearly all the courtyard surface. Balkan Holidays hotel at contrary is a gray block.
Burger stalls, snacks of all Mediterranean countries and restaurants with a.o. Bulgarian food alternated with clothing and souvenirs shops. GSM and other apparatus, telephone credit, post stamps, batteries are concentrated in a street more marginally located. A carriage with large wheels and white horses carries you from one to the other end.

The whole resembles the Kinepolis area on Heizel or Midi fair in Brussels or Disneyland in Paris but much bigger. There is also a casino with a high tower you can use to orientate yourself in the first days of your stay. Further, there is an extended nightlife.

The fair mentioned above closes late in the night. From midnight on people in the street yell until sunrise. As in every warm country, you can do lots more with your money than ordinarily. The local people are extremely helpful or in other words, they seem to adore working as maybe in every ex-communistic country.

How to go to Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is 30 km Northern of the airport of Bourgas. Taxis are very well payable and who knows in case you travel alone you can share your taxi with other arriving tourists. Plane tickets to Bourgas are much more expensive than to Sofia with an average difference of 75%.

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