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Get cashback on flight and hotels with Wayaway. Get 5% back on flights and 10% on hotels. Join the Wayaway+ program to receive your cashback.

What is the Wayaway+ program and how to join it?

When you fill in the booking form here above, a click on the “search flights” button will bring you to a page with Wayaway banner “Don’t forget to get cashback”. Click on “How it works”. You will see that you get it 7 days for free. After that you pay $49,99 which is a promo price. Outside this promotion you pay $99,99.

Will you be able to recuperate the cost of this program each year?

When will you have earned back $49,99?
E.g. you spend 10 days in a hotel of $50 / p / night.
Then the price without cashback is $500.
On hotels you get 10% cashback, this is $50.

You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to earn you fee back. It is already earned back with the booking of a hotel for your yearly holidays. And then we didn’t bring the cashback on a flight in account yet.

If you use the code below you get another 10% discount for joining.

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