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Lisbon, the city built around the Tagus estuary, is an enchanting destination where history and modernity come together harmoniously. The city is divided by the Tagus River (*Rio Tejo* in Portuguese). North and South bank are each on a different side of the Tagus. You can go from north to south and vise versa via the 25 de Abril bridge, or by ferry boat.

North and South bank neighbourhoods

North Bank (Lisbon’s Right Bank)

The **north bank** of the Tagus River is where most of Lisbon’s historic and central neighborhoods are located. These include:
– **Baixa**: The downtown area with elegant squares, shops, and cafés.
– **Alfama**: The oldest district, known for its narrow streets, Fado music, and São Jorge Castle.
– **Mouraria**: A multicultural neighborhood with a rich history.
– **Bairro Alto**: Famous for its nightlife, bars, and viewpoints.
– **Chiado**: An upscale area with theaters, bookshops, and fashionable boutiques.

**South Bank (Lisbon’s Left Bank)

The **south bank** of the Tagus River offers a different perspective of Lisbon:
– **Almada**: Located directly across from Lisbon, Almada is known for the **Cristo Rei** statue (inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer) and its panoramic views of the city.
– **Cacilhas**: A lively area with seafood restaurants and ferry connections to Lisbon.
– **Costa da Caparica**: A popular beach destination with long sandy shores.
– **Seixal**: Known for its riverfront promenade and boat trips.

Remember that Lisbon’s iconic **25 de Abril Bridge** connects the two sides, allowing easy access for both residents and visitors. Whether you explore the historic heart of Lisbon or venture across the river, there’s something captivating on every bank! ³.

Certainly! In addition to the iconic **25 de Abril Bridge**, Lisbon boasts another significant bridge: the **Vasco da Gama Bridge**. Let me provide you with details about both bridges:

1. **25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril)**:
– **Description**: The 25 de Abril Bridge is a **suspension bridge** that connects the city of **Lisbon** to the municipality of **Almada** on the south bank of the **Tagus River**.
– **Length**: It spans approximately **7470 feet (2277 meters)**, making it the **longest suspension bridge in Europe**.
– **Levels**: The bridge has two levels: the top level for cars and the bottom level for trains.
– **Traffic**: Each day, around **150,000 cars** cross the bridge, along with **157 trains**.
– **History**: Originally known as the **Salazar Bridge**, it was renamed **Ponte 25 de Abril** after the Carnation Revolution of April 25, 1974.
– **Trivia**: The bridge has appeared in several movies, including **James Bond’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”**.
– **Attractions Nearby**: You can visit the **Pilar 7 Center** (the bridge’s visitor center) and explore the **Berardo Art Deco Museum** located practically under the bridge¹.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Lisbon Vasco Da Gama Bridge
Lisbon Vasco Da Gama Bridge

– **Description**: The Vasco da Gama Bridge is a **cable-stayed bridge** that also spans the Tagus River.
– **Length**: It is approximately **10.7 miles (17.2 kilometers)** long, making it one of the longest bridges in Europe.
– **Tolls**: Northbound traffic (to Lisbon) is charged a toll, while southbound travel is free. Tolls range from **€3.20** for passenger cars to **€13.55** for trucks³.
– **Named After**: The bridge is named after the famous Portuguese explorer **Vasco da Gama**.
– **Scenic Views**: The Vasco da Gama Bridge offers stunning views of the river and surrounding areas.
– **Attractions Nearby**: While crossing the bridge, you can explore the **Parque das Nações** area, home to attractions like the **Oceanarium** and the **Vasco da Gama Shopping Center**.

So, Lisbon has not only the historic 25 de Abril Bridge but also the modern Vasco da Gama Bridge, providing essential transportation links and scenic experiences for locals and visitors alike! ²³.

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25 de Abril bridge – Ponte 25 de Abril

De verbinding tussen Noord en Zuid bank van Lisbon wordt gevormd door de 25 de Abril bridge. Dit is een iconische hangbrug die de stad **Lissabon**, de hoofdstad van Portugal, verbindt met de gemeente **Almada** aan de linkeroever (zuidelijke oever) van de rivier de **Taag**. Laten we eens inzoomen op enkele interessante feiten over deze brug:

Ontwerp en Specificaties

De brug heeft een **hoofdoverspanning van 1013 meter** (3323 ft), waardoor het de 48e langste hangbrug ter wereld is¹. Oorspronkelijk werd de brug in 1966 ingehuldigd als de **Salazar-brug** (Ponte Salazar), vernoemd naar de Portugese premier **António de Oliveira Salazar**, die de bouw ervan beval. Na de **Anjerrevolutie** in 1974, die het restant van het regime van Salazar’s **Estado Novo** omver wierp, werd de brug hernoemd naar **25 april**, de datum van de revolutie. De brug wordt ook vaak de **Tagus River Bridge** genoemd (in het Portugees: *Ponte sobre o Tejo* = “brug over de Taag”)².

Veranderingen en Uitbreiding

Vanwege de snelle bevolkingsgroei werden er later wijzigingen aangebracht aan de brug. In de jaren 90 werd een **vijfde rijstrook voor auto’s** toegevoegd. In 1999 werd eindelijk een **onderste dek**, dat als spoorlijn dienst doet, gebouwd. Dit was al vanaf het begin gepland¹.

Adembenemend Uitzicht

De brug biedt een spectaculair uitzicht op de stad Lissabon en de rivier de Taag. Het is een van de meest herkenbare bezienswaardigheden in de Portugese hoofdstad.

Dus de **25 de Abril-brug** is niet alleen een technisch meesterwerk, maar ook een symbool van historische verandering en verbinding tussen stadsdelen. ¹⁴

Lisbon ferryboat, alternatieve verbinding tussen Noord- en Zuidbank

From Cais do Sodré there are three routes, to Cacilhas, Montijo, and Seixal. The ferries to Montijo and Seixal use the modern catamarans, while the older, orange ferries cross to Cacilhas. Cacilhas is the better tourist route, as it passes close to the suspension bridge and only takes 15 minutes to cross the river. Lisbon Ferry Guide

Certainly! Lisbon offers several regular ferry routes that cross the **Tagus River**, providing both practical transportation and scenic views. Here are some options:

1. **Terreiro do Paço to Barreiro**: This route connects Lisbon’s historic Terreiro do Paço (also known as Praça do Comércio) with Barreiro on the southern bank of the river.

2. **Cais do Sodré to Montijo**: Departing from Cais do Sodré, this ferry takes you to Montijo, another town on the southern side of the Tagus.

3. **Cais do Sodré to Seixal**: From Cais do Sodré, you can travel to Seixal, which lies along the river.

4. **Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas**: This route is particularly popular with tourists. It takes you to Cacilhas, where you can explore the picturesque streets and enjoy views of Lisbon.

5. **Belém to Porto Brandão and Trafaria**: Another scenic option, this ferry departs from Belém and stops at Porto Brandão and Trafaria, both charming destinations on the southern bank of the Tagus.

Additionally, there’s a ferry that goes beyond Lisbon to the city of **Cascais**. The journey takes about 30 minutes and offers stunning views of Lisbon from the water. If you’re up for a longer trip, you can also take a ferry from Lisbon to **Setúbal**, located south of the city¹²³.

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The **Lisbon Cable Ferry**

Lisbon Cable Ferry
Lisbon Cable Ferry

also known as the **Telecabine Lisboa**, is an aerial lift located in **Parque das Nações** (Nations Park) in Lisbon, Portugal. It was originally opened in the spring of 1998 for **Expo’98**, which was a world exposition held in Lisbon. Here are some key details about the Lisbon Cable Ferry:

– **Length**: The cable car spans approximately **1230 meters** along one of the largest rivers in Portugal, providing stunning panoramic views.
– **Views**: Passengers can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the **River Tejo** and the modern architecture of Lisbon.
– **Location**: The Telecabine Lisbon is situated within the grounds of the former Expo 98, making it a unique attraction in the city.
– **Operating Hours and Prices**: For specific information on schedules and ticket prices, you can visit the official website of [Telecabine Lisbon](

Telecabine Lisboa: Portugal’s Cable Car & Gondola Lift

Next time you’re in Lisbon, consider taking a ride on the Lisbon Cable Ferry for an unforgettable journey between the river and the sky! ¹². If you need more details, you can contact them at (+351) 218956143 or via email at geral@telecabinelisboa.pt³. Enjoy your visit!

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Certainly! The **Lisbon Cable Ferry**, also known as the **Telecabine Lisboa**, does not actually cross the **Tagus River**. Instead, it provides an aerial lift experience within the **Parque das Nações** (Nations Park) area in Lisbon, Portugal. Passengers can enjoy panoramic views of the river and the city’s modern architecture while riding the cable car. If you’re looking for a way to physically cross the Tagus River, you’ll need to explore other transportation options such as regular ferries, bridges, or tunnels. .

The Tagus / Tajo river

The Tagus is a majestic river on the Iberian Peninsula. With a length of over 1000 km, it is the longest river on the peninsula. It rises at an altitude of 1590 m in the Sierra de Albarracín in eastern Spain and flows in a westerly direction. Beyond Toledo the middle course of the river begins, and beyond Alcántara the Tagus forms the border between Spain and Portugal over 47 km. The lower reaches of the river start at the Portuguese Santarém, where there is already tidal action. The Tagus flows past Lisbon into the Atlantic Ocean. The Tagus estuary serves not only as an important natural harbour, but also as a valuable nature reserve⁴.

Grotere kaart weergeven

Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve – Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo

Lisbon Tagus Estuary Birds
Lisbon Tagus Estuary Birds

Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve is one of 30 areas officially under the protection of the country of Portugal. The mouth of the Tagus River is the largest wetland in the country and one of the most important in Europe. It is a refuge for fish, molluscs, crustaceans and especially for birds that make a stopover during their migration between Northern Europe and Africa. With approximately 34,000 hectares (84,000 acres), it is the largest estuary in Western Europe. About 50,000 water birds winter here. [source]

The Port of Lisbon – Porto de Lisboa

Lisbon Harbor
Lisbon Harbor

The Port of Lisbon is a significant maritime hub in Portugal. It is situated on the Tejo (Tagus) River estuary, near the historic and cultural city center of Lisbon. It extends westward onto the Atlantic Ocean through a short strait³. As the third-largest port in Portugal, it plays a crucial role in trade, commerce, and tourism.


Stroll along the waterfront promenade and enjoy the views of the river, ships, and historic landmarks. If you’re arriving by cruise, explore the bank-side cruise ship terminal near the old Alfama district. Admire the impressive vessels and take in the maritime atmosphere.

The Alfama district, adjacent to the cruise terminal, is one of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods. Wander its narrow streets, visit the São Jorge Castle, and immerse yourself in its rich history.

Hop on a boat tour departing from the port. Explore the Tagus River, passing under iconic bridges like the **Ponte 25 de Abril**.

Visit the **Museu de Marinha** (Maritime Museum) to learn about Portugal’s seafaring past. The museum is housed in the historic **Jerónimos Monastery**.
The port area offers excellent sunset views. Capture the changing colors of the sky as the sun sets over the Atlantic. Several restaurants and cafés line the harbor. Savor Portuguese cuisine while overlooking the water.

Whether you’re interested in maritime heritage, scenic views, or simply relaxing by the water, the Port of Lisbon has something for everyone! ⁴⁵.

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Sea food restaurants

Lisbon boasts several excellent **seafood restaurants** where you can savor fresh catches-of-the-day, shellfish, and more. Here are some top recommendations:


This restaurant offers fish, prawns, oysters, and steak. The portions are generous, and the value is amazing. If you love seafood, this place is perfection on a plate¹.

Solar 31 – Peixe e Marisco

Known for fantastic seafood in a relaxed atmosphere, this spot serves up delightful dishes. Don’t miss their fresh bread, although some find it a tad gummy¹.

Solar 31 da Calçada

Seafood aficionados will appreciate this place. The crew, including waiters and the chef, is super nice. If you understand anything about seafood, this is the spot for you¹.


Their ceviche is well-prepared, and the taco appetizers are a hit. Superb seafood awaits you here¹.

BaixaMar Lisboa – Mariscos e Petiscos

Fresh seafood, great atmosphere, delicious wine—what more could you ask for? The seafood is perfectly cooked and a treat for your taste buds¹.

A Gaúcha – Grelhados e Companhia

Offering outstanding food and service, this spot is perfect for lunch or dinner¹.

Frade dos Mares

Cathy does a great job here! It’s a wonderful place, highly recommended¹.

O Arco

Try their unforgettable seafood porridge—it’s the most delicious! They’re accommodating and attentive to your requests¹.


Located in Oeiras (about 8.7 miles from Lisbon), this restaurant serves grilled white “garoupa” fish with sautéed vegetables. Some say it’s the best restaurant in Europe¹.

Maritima Do Restelo

A small restaurant with big flavors. Ask for the catch of the day at your table—it won’t disappoint¹.

Remember to explore these culinary gems during your visit to Lisbon! ¹⁵.

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2. **Historische Gebeurtenissen**:
– Op 1 november 1755 werd Lissabon getroffen door een van ‘s werelds dodelijkste aardbevingen, gevolgd door branden en een tsunami. Delen van de stad herstelden, terwijl andere delen verloren gingen.
– Tussen 1932 en 1974 werd Portugal geregeerd door dictator **António de Oliveira Salazar**².

3. **Moderne Architectuur en Ontspanning**:
– Bezoek het **Parque das Nações** (Nations Park) in Lissabon, waar moderne architectuur en ontspanningszones samenkomen aan de oevers van de Taag⁵.

Met deze ingrediënten kun je een boeiende blogpost creëren die de unieke charme van Lissabon en de rol van de Taag in de stad benadrukt. Veel schrijfplezier! ✨

Bron: Gesprek met Copilot 01/06/2024
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Oceanário de Lisboa

Lisbon Oceanarium
Lisbon Oceanarium

Het **Oceanário de Lisboa** is een must-see attractie in Lissabon! Hier zijn **zeven redenen** waarom het Oceanário de Lisboa een van de beste aquaria ter wereld is, met meer dan 8000 dieren en planten van 500 verschillende soorten⁶:

1. **Locatie**:
– Het Oceanário de Lisboa bevindt zich aan de **Doca dos Olivais** in **Parque das Nações**.
– Deze wijk wordt bediend door verschillende vervoersnetwerken². How to get there.

2. **Diversiteit van Leven**:
– In het Oceanário vind je een **verbazingwekkende verscheidenheid aan zeedieren**. Van kleurrijke vissen tot majestueuze haaien, het is een unieke ervaring.

3. **Manta Conservation Experience**:
– Duikers kunnen deelnemen aan het **Manta Conservation-programma**. Dit verbindt duikers met onderzoekers om bij te dragen aan de bescherming van manta’s en andere zeedieren.

4. **Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek**:
– Onderzoekers bestuderen de populaties van manta’s en andere zeedieren rondom de Azoren. Er is nog veel te leren over deze vriendelijke vissen.Oceanarium | Marine Life, Conservation & Education | Britannica.

5. **Unieke Ervaringen**:
– Wil je dolfijnen zien tijdens een **Tagus River-tour**? Het Oceanário biedt unieke ervaringen, zoals dolfijnen spotten langs de rivier de Taag.

6. **Conservatie en Educatie**:
– Het Oceanário is niet alleen een plek voor entertainment, maar ook voor **educatie en wetenschappelijke studie**. Het draagt bij aan het behoud van wilde dieren.

7. **500 Soorten**:
– Met meer dan 8000 dieren en planten van **500 verschillende soorten**, is het Oceanário een **hub voor biodiversiteit en natuurbehoud**.

Dus als je in Lissabon bent, mag je het Oceanário de Lisboa niet missen! ⁶

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Zeker! Vanuit **Lissabon** vertrekken er tal van cruises die je naar verschillende bestemmingen brengen. Hier zijn enkele opties:

1. **Wind Spirit**: Op **13 november 2024** kun je aan boord van de Wind Spirit genieten van een **14-daagse oceaanoversteek** van Lissabon naar Barbados⁶.
2. **Norwegian Sky**: Op **16 november 2024** vertrekt de Norwegian Sky voor een **21-daagse cruise naar Zuid-Afrika** vanuit Lissabon⁶.
3. **Celebrity Equinox**: Op **21 november 2024** kun je aan boord van de Celebrity Equinox gaan voor een **12-daagse cruise naar Bermuda en Portugal**⁶.
4. **Norwegian Star**: In **april 2025** kun je met de Norwegian Star een **10-daagse cruise naar de Canarische Eilanden** maken vanuit Lissabon⁶.
5. **Oceania Cruises**: In **mei 2025** kun je met Oceania Cruises een **10-daagse Middellandse Zee-cruise** vanuit Lissabon maken⁶.
6. **Silversea**: Op **18 oktober 2024** vertrekt Silversea voor een **15-daagse Middellandse Zee-cruise** vanuit Lissabon⁶.
7. **Azamara**: Op **13 november 2024** kun je aan boord van Azamara gaan voor een **12-daagse transatlantische cruise** van Lissabon naar Buenos Aires⁶.
8. **Royal Caribbean International**: In **november 2025** kun je met Royal Caribbean International een **15-daagse cruise van Portugal naar Argentinië** maken⁶.

Dus als je vanuit Lissabon wilt cruisen, heb je genoeg keuzes! ⚓⁶⁷

Bron: Gesprek met Copilot 01/06/2024
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Certainly! Lisbon offers several delightful **boat tours on the Tagus River**, allowing you to explore the city from a unique perspective. Here are some options:

1. **Lisboat Tours**:
– **Fado on the River**: Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s soulful Fado music while cruising along the Tagus. Enjoy the melodies and the cityscape from the water.
– **Sunset Boat Tour**: Witness the magical sunset over Lisbon’s skyline as you sail peacefully on the river.
– **Daylight Sailing Cruise**: Bask in the daylight and admire Lisbon’s iconic landmarks from the comfort of a boat¹.

2. **Pypas Cruises**:
– **Sailboat Trip**: Departing from Belém, this sailboat trip takes you past the **Padrão dos Descobrimentos** (Monument to the Discoveries), under the **25 de Abril Bridge**, and towards Alfama. Enjoy the best views of Lisbon from the water².

3. **Viator Sightseeing Cruise**:
– Swap the bustling city streets for the tranquility of the sea. Sail past attractions like **Belém Tower**, the Monument to the Discoveries, and the historic district of **Alfama**³.

4. **GetYourGuide Sailing Tour**:
– Set sail on the Tagus River and discover Lisbon’s famous monuments. You can even choose to help sail the boat or simply relax and enjoy the views⁴.

5. **Luxury Catamaran Sunset and Wine Cruise**:
– If you’re seeking the ultimate experience, this tour is a must. Safety is a priority, and you’ll have ample opportunities to capture stunning pictures of Lisbon from the water⁵.

Whether you prefer a serene sunset cruise or a daytime adventure, these boat tours offer a fresh perspective on Lisbon’s beauty! ¹²³⁴⁵.

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Certainly! Lisbon offers several fantastic viewpoints where you can enjoy panoramic views of this iconic city. Here are some recommendations:

1. **Miradouro de Santa Luzia**: This viewpoint is a must-visit. The beautiful pergola covered with vines and flower bushes, along with tile-covered walls, creates a stunning setup for photos. If you’re an early riser, I recommend coming here in the morning to capture the glowing sun rays from the sunrise. The viewpoint offers picturesque views over Lisbon’s red terracotta roofs and the scenic Tagus River³.

2. **Basílica of Estrela**: This 18th-century church, ordered by Queen Maria I of Portugal, is not only beautiful but also allows you to climb up to the roof. From there, you’ll see the impressive dome and two bell towers up close. The views are truly amazing! Entrance to the roof costs 4 EUR per person³.

3. **Castelo de São Jorge**: Sitting atop a hill in the heart of Lisbon, São Jorge Castle provides majestic views. Sunset is an especially beautiful time to visit, as everything is bathed in golden shade. The fortifications date back a thousand years and offer a glimpse into Lisbon’s history³.

4. **Amoreiras 360° Panoramic View**: Located in an emblematic building, this magical spot allows visitors to enjoy a 360-degree view over Lisbon. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the panorama captures 14 km of coastline, portraying palaces, churches, convents, and dwellings⁶.

Additionally, if you’re interested in historical views, you can explore the **Grande Panorama de Lisboa**, which shows a complete view of Lisbon from the River Tagus before the 1755 earthquake. It’s nearly 23 meters long and depicts the city’s living experience at that time⁴.

Enjoy your exploration of Lisbon’s breathtaking vistas!

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