Going out on Aruba
Aruba, Eat and drink
 11 May '23
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Aruba is a fantastic destination for a night out, offering a mix of vibrant nightlife, delicious dining, and unique experiences. Here are some top recommendations for enjoying your evenings on this beautiful island:

### Nightlife
1. **Palm Beach**: This area is known for its lively nightlife. You can find numerous bars, clubs, and casinos. Popular spots include Gusto Nightclub and Sand Bar.
2. **Oranjestad**: The capital city offers a variety of entertainment options, from chic lounges to lively bars. Check out the Renaissance Marketplace for a mix of dining and entertainment.

### Dining
1. **Eduardo’s Beach Shack**: Perfect for a casual evening with healthy and delicious options.
2. **Azia Restaurant & Lounge**: Offers a fusion of Asian cuisines in a stylish setting.
3. **Zeerovers**: A local favorite for fresh seafood right by the water.

### Unique Experiences
1. **Sunset Cruises**: Enjoy a romantic evening on the water with a sunset cruise. Many tours offer dinner and drinks as you sail along the coast.
2. **Bon Bini Festival**: Held every Tuesday in Oranjestad, this festival showcases Aruban culture with music, dance, and local food.
3. **Arikok National Park**: For a more adventurous evening, consider a guided night tour of the park to see the island’s nocturnal wildlife.

Aruba’s warm hospitality and diverse offerings ensure that every night out is memorable. Enjoy your time on this One Happy Island!


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