Disneyland Paris A Magical Escape
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 6 May '23
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Welcome to the enchanting world of **Disneyland Paris**, where dreams come alive and fairy tales unfold. Nestled in the picturesque French countryside, this iconic theme park resort offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned Disney enthusiast or a first-time visitor, there’s something truly magical waiting for you.

### **The Reimagined Disneyland Hotel**

The recently reopened **Disneyland Hotel** invites guests into a five-star royal residence fit for princes and princesses. Immerse yourself in the fairytale ambiance, where every detail exudes elegance and charm. From luxurious rooms to exquisite dining options, this is your chance to live out your own happily ever after.

### **Marvel Avengers Campus: Assemble!**

Attention, recruits! Prepare to step into the **MARVEL Universe** at **Walt Disney Studios Park**. The newly launched **Marvel Avengers Campus** features epic attractions, thrilling experiences, and encounters with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Suit up and join the adventure!

### **Make the Magic Last Around the Clock**

Why limit your Disney experience to daylight hours? With a **Disney Hotel+Ticket package**, you can enjoy early access to the parks before they officially open. Greet beloved Disney Characters at your hotel, explore enchanting lands, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

### **Peace of Mind Guarantee**

We understand that planning a vacation involves flexibility. That’s why we offer flexible bookings, allowing you to modify or cancel your reservation up to 7 days before arrival. Plus, our zero booking fees policy ensures transparency—you pay what you see.

### **Unlock All the Magic with Our Official Mobile App**

Download our official mobile app to enhance your Disneyland Paris adventure. From reserving Disney Premier Access for popular attractions to mobile ordering food and speeding up hotel check-in, this app is your key to seamless magic.

### **Dazzling Shows and Parades**

Don’t miss our immersive shows and breathtaking parades throughout the year. Witness Sleeping Beauty Castle come alive with synchronized drones, video projections, lights, and fountains during the mesmerizing **Disney Electrical Sky Parade**.

### **2024: A Year of Transition**

As we bid farewell to our 30th Anniversary celebrations, Disneyland Paris enters a new phase in 2024. While planned expansions have been delayed due to the Paris Summer Olympics, we’re excited about upcoming events like the seasonal offering—**Disney Symphony of Colours**. This wintertime event promises new nighttime drone sequences, daytime shows, and vibrant decorations.

### **What Lies Ahead?**

Halloween and Christmas celebrations are on the horizon, but in between lies anticipation for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Certainly! Here’s a blog post about **Disneyland Paris**:

# **Disneyland Paris: A Magical Adventure in France**

## *Discover the Magic*

Welcome to the enchanting world of **Disneyland Paris**, where dreams come alive and fairy tales unfold. Nestled just outside the bustling city of Paris, this magical resort offers two incredible theme parks, seven delightful Disney Hotels, a picturesque golf course, and the lively Disney Village. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney enthusiast, there’s something for everyone at Disneyland Paris.

## *The Reimagined Disneyland Hotel*

The recently reopened **Disneyland Hotel** awaits you with open arms. As the ultimate five-star royal residence, it promises a fairytale stay like no other. Immerse yourself in luxury, elegance, and whimsy as you step into this enchanting abode. The newly reimagined hotel invites you to experience the magic from the moment you arrive.

## *Marvel Avengers Campus*

Attention, recruits! Prepare to assemble at **Marvel Avengers Campus** in **Walt Disney Studios Park**. Here, epic attractions and experiences await, featuring your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. From heart-pounding rides to immersive encounters, unleash your inner hero and become part of the Marvel Universe.

## *Make the Magic Last*

Why limit the magic to daylight hours? With a **Disney Hotel+Ticket package**, you can extend your enchantment into the night. Stay just a short walk or shuttle ride away from the parks, greet beloved Disney Characters at your hotel, and enjoy exclusive access before official park opening hours.

## *Peace of Mind Guarantee*

Booking your stay is stress-free with our promises:
– **Flexible bookings**: Modify or cancel your reservation for free up to 7 days before arrival.
– **Pay in installments**: Secure your spot with a deposit today and pay the remaining balance in 1 to 5 additional installments.
– **Zero booking fees**: What you see is what you pay—no surprises!

## *Planning Your Trip*

Discover essential tools for planning your Disneyland Paris adventure:
– **How to get there**: Whether by plane, train, or car, getting to the magic is easy from Paris and its airports.
– **Official mobile app**: Unlock all the magic with our app—reserve Disney Premier Access, order food on-the-go, speed up hotel check-in, and more.

## *Disney Premier Access*

Want to skip the regular queue? Join the fast line with **Disney Premier Access** for popular attractions. Rev up your day and make every moment count.

## *Dazzling Shows and Parades*

Don’t miss immersive shows and breathtaking parades throughout the year. These captivating performances are an essential part of any Disneyland Paris visit.

## *Meal Plans*

Staying at one of our Disney Hotels? Plan ahead by

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