Prague, Czech Republic
Capital, Czech Republic
 7 Oct '23
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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a stunning city that offers a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking architecture, and a vibrant nightlife. Whether you are looking for historical monuments, romantic views, or lively entertainment, Prague has something for everyone. In this blog post, I will share with you some of the must-see attractions, accommodation options, and tips on getting there.

Must-see attractions

Prague has many attractions that will captivate your eyes and your imagination. Here are some of the highlights that you should not miss:

Prague Castle

This is the largest ancient castle in the world and the symbol of Prague. You can explore the complex of palaces, churches, museums, and gardens that date back to the 9th century. Don’t forget to watch the changing of the guard ceremony and enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the castle grounds.

Charles Bridge

This is one of the most iconic landmarks of Prague and a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The bridge connects the Old Town and the Lesser Town over the Vltava River and is adorned with 30 statues of saints. You can stroll along the bridge, admire the sculptures, listen to street musicians, and buy souvenirs from local vendors.

Old Town Square

This is the heart of Prague’s historic center and a lively place to see and be seen. The square is surrounded by colorful buildings, churches, and towers that showcase different architectural styles. The main attractions are the Old Town Hall with its famous astronomical clock, the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn, and the Baroque St. Nicholas Church.

Jewish Quarter

This is a fascinating area that preserves the history and culture of Prague’s Jewish community. You can visit six synagogues, including the Old-New Synagogue, which is the oldest active synagogue in Europe, and the Spanish Synagogue, which is known for its Moorish interior. You can also see the Old Jewish Cemetery, where thousands of gravestones are piled on top of each other due to lack of space.


Prague offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. You can choose from luxury hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, apartments, or even houseboats. Here are some properties that I recommend:

The Emblem Hotel

This is a 5-star hotel that combines elegance, comfort, and style. The hotel is located near the Old Town Square and offers spacious rooms with modern amenities, a rooftop terrace with stunning views, a spa and wellness center, and a restaurant that serves international cuisine.


This is a 4-star hotel that offers a unique design concept and a sustainable approach. The hotel is situated in the New Town and features cozy rooms with eco-friendly features, a garden with a pond and a fireplace, a bar with live music, and free breakfast.

Getting there

Prague is well-connected by air, rail, road, and bus to many destinations in Europe and beyond. Here are some tips on how to get there:

By air

The main airport in Prague is Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), which is located about 15 kilometers from the city center. You can take a taxi, a shuttle bus, or public transport to reach your accommodation. You can also rent a car at the airport if you prefer to drive yourself.

By rail

The main railway station in Prague is Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station), which is located near the New Town. You can take a metro, tram, or bus to get to other parts of the city. You can also walk to some of the attractions from the station. You can find trains to Prague from many European cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Munich, or Paris.

By road

Prague has an extensive network of highways that connect it to other cities in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, or Slovakia. You can drive your own car or rent one from various agencies in Prague or at the airport. You can also take a bus from many cities in Europe to Prague. Some of the popular bus companies are Flixbus, RegioJet, or Eurolines.

I hope this blog post has given you some useful information and inspiration for your trip to Prague. Prague is a beautiful city that will enchant you with its charm and culture. Have a wonderful time in Prague!

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