Clifton 3rd, Cape Town, South Africa

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Clifton 3rd, Cape Town, South Africa

Bordered by the suburbs of Camps Bay and Bantry Bay, Clifton is an exclusive Cape Town suburb with some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa. Many properties are nestled on cliffs, giving stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Discovery Travel Channel cable and satellite television network rated Clifton as one of the top ten beaches in 2003 and 2004. As a result, it obtained the Blue Flag status. In 2005 and 2006 Forbes rated it number 8 in the Top 10 Topless Beaches in the World.

The Clifton beaches from touristic point of view

Beaches from 1 (northmost) to 4 (southward) are popular holiday destinations for both locals and tourists. The beaches are separated by groups of granite corestone boulders. They have almost pure white quartzite sand. These four beaches of Clifton are better protected than other coastal areas in Cape Town from the notorious south-easterly winds. Swimmers in particular will know what this means. A fifth beach, before First Beach, called Moses Beach, is covered with papyrus plants. It appears and disappears as the sand is washed in and out with the seasons. In the water, although fresh (12–16 °C), you can practice water sports, mainly surfing, both board and body.

The beaches from 1 to 4

First Beach has the strongest surf, descending to Fourth with the weakest surf. It attracts a mixed crowd of locals and surfers. Clifton Beach was known by region as one of the best beaches in Discovery.

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Second Beach is populated by students playing beach volleyball and beach bats.

Third Beach, the smallest beach, is known as a place for gay culture. Between the fourth and second beach there are small size properties that command very high prices. However, they are only accessible by stairs and usually do not have a garage. Why are these bungalow properties so small? The area was created by the City of Cape Town for returning soldiers from World War I. They were originally built with packing cases that carried imported cars in the 1920s and 1930s. These original bungalows have now all been replaced by new constructions. There are narrow steps between Victoria Road and the various beaches.

Fourth Beach (to the south), is the most populous and glamorous location, attracting families. Yachts anchor at Fourth Beach, especially on summer weekends.
Fourth has also been awarded the Blue Flag in recognition of its environmental, safety and tourism standards.


If you want a hotel near to Clifton 3th beach you will find luxurious bungalows built in the rocks as here below. Further on you find an apartment in the bigger buildings.

Here below some selections of hotels for gay-friendly, Russian guests and sea view. Since gays and lesbians can marry in South Africa Cape Town is gay-friendly in general.

Clifton 3th exceptional real estate built in the rocks


Kaldene 5star
Rock Villa

Rock Villa 5star

Beachhouse 5star

Wixy 5star


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Clifton 3rd, Cape Town, South Africa

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Clifton 3rd, Cape Town, South Africa

Bordered by the suburbs of Camps Bay and Bantry Bay, Clifton is . . .

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