Sydney North Bondi beach

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Sydney North Bondi beach

Bondi Beach is a popular beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located 7 km (4 mi) east of the Sydney central business district. Bondi, North Bondi and Bondi Junction are neighbouring suburbs. Bondi Beach is one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia.
Bondi Beach played an important role in the launching of the bathing costume. It knew the 1907 Sydney bathing costume protests, organized to oppose proposed dress standards for beachgoers. The Local Government Act, Ordinance No. 52 was in force between 1935 and 1961, and resulted in public controversy as the two-piece “”bikini”” became popular after World War II. Waverley Council’s beach inspectors, including the legendary Aub Laidlaw, were responsible for enforcing the law and were required to measure the dimensions of swimwear and order offenders against public decency off the beach. While vacationing in Australia during 1951, American movie actress Jean Parker made international headlines when she was escorted off the beach after Laidlaw determined her bikini was too skimpy. The rule became increasingly anachronistic during the 1950s and was replaced in 1961 with one requiring bathers be “”clad in a proper and adequate bathing costume””, allowing for more subjective judgement of decency. By the 1980s topless bathing had become common at Bondi Beach, especially at the southern end.

Sydney’s Water Board maintained an untreated sewage outlet not far from the north end of the beach which was closed in the mid-1990s when a deep water ocean outfall was completed.

North Bondi Beach is the best gay place to be in Sydney. At times it may be crowded but it is better for swimming than the South as it’s sheltered by the headland and has smaller waves. It’s particularly popular with boys and boys who like boys. You may bump into someone you met at a party at the other side of the world splashing out the surf. This is a place where people like to see and be seen. There’s plenty to see. There are lifeguards in budgie smugglers (Speedos), sunbathing on white sand under endless sun. That’s typical Bondi Beach. Gay men and lesbians have traditionally hung out at the north end of the beach and the grass along the beachside, and have made it their own. The further north you go, the gay and skimpier attired it gets. This is a place where you can get everything, from ice cream to bangers to a date. Only there is no alcolhol. It is prohibited outdoors the beach. But the beach is beach is lined with pubs, where revellers from across the world line up for tropical drinks.

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