Fly per helicopter above South Africa – several choices
Helicopter flights, South Africa
 26 Apr '24
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Cape Town, South Africa, is thè location to increase your flight experience. At no other location you will find so many different options to explore the region from bird’s angle. Don’t let your holidays pass without having flewn at least once! Here are some helicopter flights with the most beautiful scenic views:

Overview of helicopter flights above South-Africa

Location What? Flight company Duration Price
Cape Town 12-Minute Scenic Helicopter Tour Cape Town Helicopters 12 min. € 117.51 / p.
Cape Town Three Bays Helicopter Flight NAC Helicopters Cape Town 25 min. € 685.50 / group -> 3
Cape Town Atlantico Scenic Helicopter Flight Cape Town Helicopters 18 min. € 171.37 / p
Cape Town 2 Oceans Helicopter Flight with Boat Tour Ticket Cape Town Helicopters 25 min. € 242.37 / p.
Robben Island Robben Island By Air Scenic Helicopter Flight Cape Town Helicopters 20 min. € 178.72 / p.

The rhythm of the rotor blades cuts through the air, a hypnotic cadence that defies gravity. The helicopter, a mechanical bird, waits for the signal to take off. Takeoff and landing are delicate moments. The pilot maneuvers the helicopter with precision. The rotor blades speed through the air as the machine slowly lifts off the ground. When landing, it is a controlled descent, where the pilot must maintain the correct angle and speed to land safely. The speed of a helicopter varies. Vertical ascent can be rapid depending on the type of helicopter. Horizontal flying is usually slower than an airplane, but it offers a unique perspective of the landscape. Flying at an angle, such as in turns, requires dexterity from the pilot. Flight equipment is essential. The rotor blades, tail rotor, engine and control systems must be in top condition. Maintenance and inspections are crucial for safety. Wind, rain and snow affect flying. Strong winds can make maneuvering difficult, while rain and snow reduce visibility. Pilot skills and tools are needed to meet these challenges. And so the helicopter takes off, a dance with gravity, as the world beneath you fades and the horizon stretches endlessly.

Consider helicopter flights one by one

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Price of a flight

The price of a helicopter flight varies depending on the duration, route and location. From short sightseeing flights over a city to extended tours over mountain ranges or along the coastline, there is something for everyone. But one thing is certain: it is an experience you will not soon forget.


Airsickness is a possibility, especially in sensitive passengers. The helicopter moves differently from an airplane: it rocks, turns and takes off vertically. This can make some people feel nauseous. It helps to look at the horizon and do deep breathing exercises.


The number of seats without pilot depends on the type of helicopter. Small helicopters can accommodate 2-4 passengers, while larger models can carry up to 20 passengers. There is usually only one pilot on board.

Best time to fly

The best time to fly a helicopter depends on several factors, such as the weather, the purpose of the flight and personal preferences. Let’s look at some considerations:

1. Weather conditions

In general, clear days are ideal for flying. Good visibility provides a beautiful view of the landscape. No wind is beneficial, especially for beginners. Strong winds can make flying difficult and cause turbulence. Rain and snow can reduce visibility and make flying more risky.

2. Time of day

Morning flights often offer calm air and clear visibility. The light is soft and makes for beautiful photos. Afternoon flights may be warmer, but the air may be more turbulent due to thermal currents. Evening flights sometimes offer spectacular sunsets, but it can be cooler.

3. Purpose of the flight

Sightseeing If you go purely for the view, choose a moment with good weather and clear visibility. Business flights for business purposes, it is best to take your schedule and weather conditions into account.

4. Personal preference

Some people like the tranquility of a morning flight, while others enjoy the colors of an evening flight. If you are prone to airsickness, avoid times when the air may be turbulent.

In short, the ideal time to fly depends on your preferences and the circumstances at that specific time.

A few more safety tips

Naturally! Safety is of the utmost importance when flying helicopters. Here are some important safety precautions you should observe as a passenger:

1. Keep your distance

Keep a safe distance from the helicopter when the rotor is rotating. Do not approach the helicopter until you have received explicit permission from the pilot or someone from the ground crew².

2. Waiting for instructions

Always wait until you have received a signal from the pilot or ground crew before approaching the helicopter.

3. Safe approach

Approach the helicopter diagonally from the front to ensure safety.

In addition, there are also general safety measures you must follow, such as taking off your jacket or coat and presenting all liquids for inspection at airport screening points³. Have fun during your tourist helicopter flight! [Source]

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