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Ghana, West african country
Countries, Ghana
 29 Jun '21
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Ghana is a West African country along the Gulf of Guinea with most southern point on some degrees NB. It has plains, low hills, rivers, and Lake Volta which the world’s largest artificial lake. It also has two islands, Dodi Island and Bobowasi Island, on the south Atlantic Ocean coast of Ghana. The coastline is 537 km and exists mostly of sandy seashore.


Ghana can be divided into four different geographical co-regions. Ghana can be divided into four different geographical regions. To the south, the low plains stretch out. To the north are: 1. the Ashanti Highlands, 2. the Akwapim-Togo Ranges, and 3. the Volta Basin. The fourth region is the high plains in the northern and northwestern sector of Ghana. Ghana does not have a natural harbor like most West African countries. Takoradi and Tema (the latter completed in 1961) are two artificial harbors that protect the coastline from the strong surf.

Most popular cities


Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. As of 2021, the Accra Metropolitan District (20 km2) had a population of 284,124. The Greater Accra Region (3,245 km2) has 5,455,692 inhabitants. Accra was formed from the merger of several settlements around the British Fort James, the Dutch Fort Crêvecoeur (Ussher Fort) and the Danish Fort Christiansborg as Jamestown, Usshertown and Christiansborg respectively. Accra was the capital of the British Gold Coast between 1877 and 1957. The capital’s architecture reflects its history, ranging from 19th-century colonial architecture to modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks. Accra is a “Gamma” level global city. This indicates a growing level of international influence and connection.


Kumasi is one of the largest urban areas in Ghana. Kumasi is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the historic Ashanti Empire. The area is rainforest area and is near Bosomtwe Lake and. It is also known as “The Garden City” because of the many varieties of flowers and plants in the past. Another name is Oseikrom.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast is a fishing port as well as the capital of the Cape Coast Metropolitan District and the Central Region of Ghana. It is a World Heritage Site and home to the Cape Coast Castle. According to the 2010 census, Cape Coast had 169,894 people. The language spoken there is ‘Fante’. From the 16th century until the country’s independence in 1957, the city changed hands between the British, the Portuguese, the Swedes, the Danes and the Dutch. It is home to 32 festivals and celebrations.



Makola market
Independence square
Kwame Nkrumah Park and Mausoleum
Labadi Beach
Legon Botanical Gardens


Kejetia Market
Zoological garden
Botanic garden

Cape Coast

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