Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Republic’s capital
Capital, Congo (DRC)
 13 Aug '22
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Kinshasa is a city with a population estimated or measured from 11.000.000 to 30.000.000 inhabitants it seems. Only a dozen hotels are in the hotel searches. What happens in the rest of all those big buildings? Aren’t there any illegal hotels where the service is better than in all those average max. 2 star hotels where the staff is everything except for motivated. Apologize for comparing with the situation of taxis in Paris. Image: © Monusco – Boulevard 30 Juin, Kinshasa

About Kinshasa

After all Kinshasa is probably not so strange. It seems to be the largest French talking city on Earth. Thus bigger than Paris, Toronto, Antananarivo, Yamoussoukro, Casablanca, Bern, Luxembourg, Brussels, and more. Compared to Europe, Australia, and North and South America only, the biggest cities are about in Africa: Kinshasa, Lagos, Cairo … This in mind you will understand why your African friends try to persuade you with so much emphasis to visit their African continent. Suppose that everything Africa contains is in the umpteenth degree of its equivalent in Europe.

Social Issues in Kinshasa


Street kids

If you don’t know where to go during your holidays in Kinshasa, on they write about diamond, casinos, art markets, other markets, museums.



Wild parcs

jardin zoologique kinshasa
Les serpents du Congo


Highrise in Kinshasa

TNC Congo Building

TNC Congo Building

The highest building in Kinshasa and also the highest of the D.R. Congo is the “TNC Congo Building” of 88 m high or 289 ft. It has 22 floors. That is lower than “Congo Tours Mpila” out of 2020, with 135 m or 442 ft and 30 floors the highest building in Brazzaville, Congo.

Kinshasa has a number of other buildings of architectural interest. All of them are buildings of public interest such as an academy of fine arts, a sports stadium, a cathedral, a tower, the palace of nations and more. They are a must for any traveling architect visiting the city country. Take a look at them all on:

Other architecture of importance

15 Places to visit for the travelling architect
– In Modern architecture shows a series of nicest modern housing projects that make you forget that you are in a third world country. However, despite these wonderful projects, infrastructure and housing in Kinshasa are often in a very bad state.

General about infrastructure and living in Kinshasa

Running water and electricity are generally in poor condition. Prolonged and periodic power outages are normal and exposed pipes often energize puddles of rainwater.

Regideso, the national public company primarily responsible for the water supply in Congo, only serves Kinshasa incompletely and with uniformly perfect quality. Other areas are served by decentralized Associations des Usagers des Réseau d’Eau Potable (ASUREPs). Gombe uses a lot of water (306 liters per day per inhabitant) compared to other municipalities (from 71 L/d/i in Kintambo to 2 L/d/i in Kimbanseke).

The city produces an estimated 6,300 m3 of waste and 1,300 m3 of industrial waste per day.

Housing prices have been rising since the 1980s. Houses and apartments in the center are expensive. Homes are sometimes sold for a million dollars and apartments rented out for $5,000/month. These high prices have spread outwardly from the center as owners and tenants move out of the most expensive part of the city. As of 2006, gated communities and shopping centers have been built with foreign capital and technical expertise. Urban renewal projects have in some cases led to violent conflict and displacement. Incoming refugees have few settlement options other than illegal slums such as Pakadjuma.

In 2005, 55% of households had a television and 43% a mobile phone. 11% had refrigerators and 5% had cars.

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga’s palaces, op meer dan 1000 km van Kinshasa

Museums in Kinshasa

Located in kinshasa are:
National Museum
Kinshasa Fine Arts Academy


Among the places of worship, which are predominantly Christian churches and temples: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kinshasa (Catholic Church), Kimbanguist Church, Baptist Community of Congo (Baptist World Alliance), Baptist Community of the Congo River (Baptist World Alliance), Assemblies of God, Province of the Anglican Church of the Congo (Anglican Communion), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which has a temple and over 100 congregations in Kinshasa, Presbyterian Community in Congo (World Communion of Reformed Churches).[52] There are also Muslim mosques. A Baha’i House of Worship is currently under construction.[53]


Centre Wallonie Bruxelles Kinshasa

Going out in Kinshasa

Kinshasa has a vibrant nightlife with numerous entertainment options. You can dine out, African or international, dance in bandstands or just listen and visit nightclubs. If you want to get to know new faces among the locals, you will soon find that there is a lot of prostitution. Gay and lesbian sex are legal, but without cohabitation with a permanent partner. And here too there is a lot of prostitution.

Airport shuttle

Eat & drink

African: Chez Maman Colonel, Chez Flore, O Pieds Dans L’eau, Restaurant La Villa Tricana, Inzia, Quartier Marin Kinshasa, Merveilles Patisserie Et Restaurant
Airport shuttle


Kwilu Bar

Nexxt Club Kinshasa

Spice Lounge Bar

Palm Beach

Coco Jambo

Saloon Kinshasa

Fiesta Club



Kinshasa Taxi

Public transport in Kinshasa

As we know it in the large agglomerations of Europe, Asia and America, there is no such thing in Kinshasha. However, there are a few private companies that take care of the transport.

Pratical things not to forget!!!



Official Documents

Identity card
Driving licence


Map of Kinshasa

Maps Generator

Kinshasa Bookings

Over het kunnen africareizen duur uitkomen omdat men er niet voor bloost flink door te rekenen wat het touristen betreft.

Hotel Bookings

We list 42 hotel properties in Kinshasa. Prices go from € 130 to € 240.

Or search acommodation on the map:


Find here more cheap flights for Kinshasa

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