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 4 Oct '23
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Greece has a lot to offer to its visitors and residents. It is a country that combines ancient history, rich culture, stunning natural beauty, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and diverse activities. In this blog post, we will explore some of the aspects that make Greece a unique and attractive destination.

Division of the country

Greece is divided into 13 regions, each with its own administrative, geographical, and cultural features. The regions are:

Central Greece
Central Macedonia
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Ionian Islands
North Aegean
South Aegean
Western Greece
Western Macedonia

Each region has its own capital city, as well as smaller towns and villages. The regions are further subdivided into 74 regional units and 325 municipalities.

Natural beauty

Greece is blessed with a diverse and spectacular natural landscape. It has mountains and valleys, forests and plains, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and caves. It has a coastline of over 13,000 km, with sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, hidden coves, and turquoise waters. It has more than 6,000 islands and islets, ranging from tiny uninhabited rocks to large inhabited ones with their own character and charm. It has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. It has a rich flora and fauna, with many endemic species of plants and animals.

Cultural value

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, literature, art, science, and sports. It has a long and glorious history that spans thousands of years, from the ancient times to the modern era. It has a wealth of archaeological sites, monuments, museums, and galleries that showcase its cultural heritage. It has a vibrant and diverse contemporary culture that reflects its traditions and influences from other countries. It has a lively and creative artistic scene that produces music, theater, cinema, literature, and more.

Cuisine and nightlife

Greece is a country that loves to eat and drink. Its cuisine is based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, such as olive oil, vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheese, yogurt, honey, fish, meat, and wine. Its dishes are simple but flavorful, influenced by the Mediterranean diet and the cuisines of neighboring countries. Its specialties include moussaka (baked eggplant with meat sauce and béchamel), souvlaki (grilled meat skewers), tzatziki (yogurt dip with cucumber and garlic), spanakopita (spinach pie), baklava (filo pastry with nuts and honey), and many more.

Greece is also a country that knows how to have fun. Its nightlife is varied and exciting, offering something for everyone. It has bars and clubs that play different kinds of music, from traditional Greek folk to modern pop and rock. It has taverns and ouzeris that serve meze (small plates) and ouzo (anise-flavored liquor). It has cafes and restaurants that stay open until late at night. It has festivals and events that celebrate its culture and religion.

Sports and leisure

Greece is a country that enjoys sports and leisure activities. It has a strong tradition in sports, especially in the Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece. It has hosted the modern Olympic Games twice, in 1896 in Athens and in 2004 in Athens and other cities. It has produced many famous athletes in various sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field, and sailing. It also participates in other international competitions, such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Cup.

Greece is also a country that offers many opportunities for leisure activities. It has a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, diving, surfing, and sailing.

It has a number of wellness options, such as spas, thermal springs, yoga, and meditation. It has a range of entertainment options, such as cinemas, theaters, concerts, casinos, and amusement parks.


Greece is a country that embraces diversity. It is a country that has been influenced by many civilizations
and cultures throughout its history, such as the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, the Persians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the Venetians, the French, the British, and the Americans. It is a country that has welcomed many immigrants and refugees from different countries and regions, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania,
Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Asia. It is a country that respects and celebrates its minorities and their rights, such as the Muslims, the Jews, the Roma, the Macedonians, and the Turks. It is a country that supports and promotes its LGBTQ+ community and its rights, such as the legalization of same-sex civil unions
and the recognition of gender identity.

Beaches and isles

Greece is a country that has some of the most beautiful and popular beaches and islands in the world. It has beaches that suit every taste and preference, such as sandy or pebbly, organized or secluded, calm or windy, family-friendly or party-oriented. It has islands that offer different experiences and attractions, such as history and culture, nature and scenery, nightlife and entertainment, luxury and relaxation. Some of the most famous beaches and islands in Greece are:





















Cost of living

Greece is also a country that has a relatively low cost of living compared to other European countries. It has affordable prices for food, transportation, utilities, health care, education, and entertainment. It has a high quality of life, with a good balance between work and leisure. It has a friendly and hospitable people, who are always ready to help and welcome visitors.

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