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Going out, Greece
 18 Nov '23
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Athens, Greece, is a vibrant city that offers a variety of nightlife options for locals and visitors alike. Whether you are looking for a cozy pub, a lively nightclub, a relaxing cafe, a fun dancing spot, or a welcoming gay-friendly venue, you will find something to suit your mood and taste in Athens.

Here are some of the best places to go out in Athens:


If you enjoy a pint of beer and a casual atmosphere, you will love the pubs in Athens. Some of the most popular ones are The James Joyce Irish Pub, The Clumsies, Six Dogs, and Brettos. These pubs serve a range of local and international beers, as well as cocktails, wines, and spirits. You can also enjoy live music, trivia nights, sports screenings, and more.


If you want to dance the night away to the latest hits or the classic tunes, you should check out the nightclubs in Athens. Some of the hottest ones are Lohan Nightclub, Dybbuk, Akrotiri, and Bolivar Beach Bar. These clubs feature top DJs, impressive sound systems, and stunning light shows. You can also mingle with celebrities, models, and influencers at these venues.


If you prefer a more laid-back and cozy setting, you will find plenty of cafes in Athens. Some of the most charming ones are Little Kook, Taf Coffee, Tailor Made, and Yiasemi. These cafes serve delicious coffee, tea, pastries, and snacks. You can also enjoy the artistic decor, the friendly service, and the relaxing music at these places.


If you are looking for a more alternative and eclectic scene, you will love the dancings in Athens. Some of the most unique ones are Faust Bar-Theatre-Arts, Gazarte, Bios, and Romantso. These dancings host live performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, and workshops. You can also dance to various genres of music, such as rock, jazz, indie, and electronic.


If you are looking for a gay-friendly and inclusive environment, you will find it in Athens. Some of the best gay bars and clubs are Sodade2, Big Bar, Shamone Club, and Noiz Club. These venues cater to different tastes and preferences within the LGBTQ+ community. You can also enjoy drag shows, karaoke nights, theme parties, and more.


If you are a foreigner visiting Athens or an expat living in the city, you will find many places where you can meet other people from different countries and cultures. Some of the most popular ones are The Athens Sports Bar & Grill, The Lazy Bulldog Pub & Kitchen, The Handlebar Cafe & Kitchen, and The Athens Centre. These places offer a variety of food and drinks from around the world. You can also join language exchanges, cultural events, pub quizzes, and more.

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