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 21 Nov '23
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If you are looking for some family-friendly activities in London, you are in luck. The capital of the United Kingdom has plenty of options to suit all ages and interests. Whether you want to explore the history, culture, nature, or entertainment of this vibrant city, you will find something to enjoy with your loved ones. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities in London that you can try:

Visit the London Eye

This giant Ferris wheel offers stunning views of the city from 135 meters above the ground. You can see landmarks such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and more. Each capsule can fit up to 25 people, so you can share the experience with your family. The ride lasts about 30 minutes, and you can book your tickets online to avoid queues.

Explore the Natural History Museum.

This museum is a treasure trove of natural wonders, from dinosaurs and fossils to volcanoes and wildlife. You can learn about the evolution of life on Earth, the diversity of nature, and the impact of human activity on the environment. The museum also has interactive exhibits, games, and activities for children of all ages. Admission is free, but some special exhibitions may require a fee.

Enjoy the Harry Potter Studio Tour

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies, you will love this behind-the-scenes tour of the Warner Bros. Studios where they were filmed. You can see the sets, props, costumes, and special effects that brought the magical world to life. You can also try some of the activities, such as flying a broomstick, casting spells, or sampling butterbeer. The tour lasts about three hours, and you need to book your tickets in advance.

Discover the Tower of London

This historic fortress has been a palace, a prison, a treasury, and a zoo over the centuries. You can see the Crown Jewels, the Beefeaters, the ravens, and the Bloody Tower. You can also learn about the history and legends of this iconic site, such as the executions, the ghosts, and the mysteries. The Tower of London is open daily, and you can buy your tickets online or at the gate.

Visit ZSL London Zoo.

This zoo is home to over 750 species of animals, from lions and tigers to penguins and giraffes. You can see them in their natural habitats, watch feeding sessions and demonstrations, or take part in animal encounters and experiences. The zoo also has a children’s farm, a playground, and a carousel. ZSL London Zoo is open daily, and you can buy your tickets online or at the entrance.

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