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 22 Dec '23
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Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, and there are many other options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones
Budapest Szechenyi thermal bath – Hungary, Budapest. Aerial Photo from a thermal bath in Budapest. Szechenyi thermal bath is located center of Budapest.

Gellért Thermal Bath

The Gellért Thermal Bath is a popular bath complex in Budapest, Hungary. It has been in operation since 1918 and is known for its Art Nouveau style architecture. The bath offers a variety of services including healthcare services, lava stone massage, and red wine bath.

Practical guidelines to visit the Gellért Baths

Opening hours: from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.
Address: Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Budapest, Hungary.
The bath offers a variety of tickets including daily tickets, cabin tickets, and locker tickets.
The bath also offers a range of wellness programs including relaxing and wellness programs.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

One of the largest bath complexes in Europe, Széchenyi, offers 21 pools with healthcare and wellness services, saunas, aquafitness, aerobics, and gym facilities.

Rudas Baths

Built in the 16th century by the Ottomans, Rudas Baths is a historic Turkish bath that offers a unique experience with its octagonal pool and rooftop hot tub.

Kiraly Baths

Another historic Turkish bath built in the 16th century, Kiraly Baths is known for its octagonal pool and dome-shaped roof. Yes, Kiraly Bath, the iconic 16th-century thermal bath in Budapest, is currently closed due to reconstruction works scheduled for 2021-2024 (or later). There is no set date for the reopening of the bath. If you are looking for alternative baths in Budapest, you may want to consider Rudas Baths or Veli Bej baths, both of which feature a Turkish bath hall from the Middle Ages.

Veli Bej Baths

A Turkish bath that dates back to the 16th century, Veli Bej Baths is known for its thermal pools and wellness services.

Lukács Thermal Bath

Lukács Thermal Bath is a historic indoor/outdoor thermal bath in Budapest, Hungary, heated by natural hot springs. It was built during the 12th century next to monasteries in order to cure the sick. The bath offers a range of services including thermal, swimming and leisure pools, wellness and sauna programmes, and unique hammam massage.

Margaret Island Day Spa

Margaret Island Day Spa is a historic building with a contemporary design located on the eponymous Margaret Island in Budapest, Hungary. It is one of the oldest spas in Budapest, established in 1994. The spa is renowned for its stress-relieving treatments, which combine traditional techniques with modern technology.

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