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 18 Jan '24
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What is the minimum cost for a touristic stay in Budapest?

Budapest is a beautiful and vibrant city that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is often called the Paris of the East, thanks to its stunning architecture, rich history, and cultural diversity. But how much does it cost to visit Budapest as a tourist? In this blog post, we will break down the main expenses of a trip to Budapest, such as accommodation, food, transportation, and attractions. We will also give you some tips on how to save money and enjoy your stay in this amazing city.


One of the biggest expenses of any trip is accommodation. Fortunately, Budapest offers a wide range of options for every budget and preference. You can choose from hostels, hotels, apartments, or even Airbnb rentals. The average price for a double room in a 3-4 star hotel or apartment rental is around $104 per night, according to Budget Your Trip. However, you can find cheaper or more expensive options depending on the location, season, and amenities. For example, you can stay in a 1-star hotel or a 1-bed vacation rental for as low as $21 per night, or splurge on a luxury hotel for over $300 per night. If you want to save money on accommodation, you can book in advance, compare prices online, use discounts or loyalty programs, or opt for a hostel or a shared room.


Another major expense of any trip is food. Budapest has a delicious and diverse cuisine that reflects its history and culture. You can enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes such as goulash, paprikash, langos, or dobos torte, as well as international cuisines such as Italian, Turkish, Chinese, or Thai. The average cost of food in Budapest is around $18 per day for one person, according to The Savvy Backpacker. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a treat. However, you can spend more or less depending on your appetite and preferences. For example, you can have a free breakfast at your hostel, grab a cheap street food or takeaway lunch for $4.50, cook your own dinner at your accommodation for $9, and have a beer at the park for $1. Or you can treat yourself to a fancy restaurant meal for $20-$30 per person.


Budapest has an excellent public transportation system that consists of buses, trams, metro, trolleybuses, and suburban trains. You can easily get around the city using these modes of transport for a low cost. The average cost of local transportation in Budapest is around $11 per day for one person, according to Budget Your Trip. This includes tickets for single trips or passes for multiple trips. However, you can save money by buying tickets in bulk or using a travel card that gives you unlimited access to public transport for a certain period of time. For example, you can buy a 24-hour travel card for $6.50 or a 72-hour travel card for $17. You can also walk or bike around the city to enjoy the sights and save money.


Budapest has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained and amazed during your stay. You can visit museums, galleries, churches, monuments, parks, gardens, thermal baths, and more. The average cost of attractions in Budapest is around $9 per day for one person,
according to The Savvy Backpacker. This includes one paid attraction and any free sites. However,
you can spend more or less depending on your interests and itinerary. For example,
you can join a free walking tour that covers the main sights of the city and tip the guide
what you think it’s worth. Or you can pay for admission to some of the popular attractions
such as the Hungarian National Gallery ($8), the House of Terror Museum ($11), or the Pinball Museum ($12). You can also save money by using discounts or passes that give you access to multiple attractions for a fixed price.


To sum up,
the minimum cost for a touristic stay in Budapest depends on many factors such as
your travel style,
and preferences.
based on the average prices of accommodation,
and attractions,
you can expect to spend between $35-$60 per day for one person.
This means that a one-week trip to Budapest will cost you around $245-$420 per person,
not including flights.
Of course,
you can adjust your budget according to your needs and wants.
You can find cheaper or more expensive options for each category,
or splurge on some things and save on others.
The important thing is to enjoy your trip and have fun in this amazing city!

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