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NY Times Travel news

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What to See, Eat and Do in Berlin

Berlin’s 178 museums, seven symphony orchestras and three opera houses are once again up and running, along with a flourishing restaurant and nightclub scene.

Revelry and Unease in Alaska as Cruises Return

Ships are carrying fewer passengers than they did before the pandemic, but in port towns where the bulk of the economy depends on cruise travel, business owners say they are “grateful for what we have.”

House Hunting in Switzerland: Mediterranean Flair on Lake Lugano

In the southern region of Ticino, stricter lending policies and pandemic measures have limited the market for foreign buyers.

How Online Travel Planning Is Getting Easier

Airbnb, Google Travel and a few other platforms have tweaked their search engines, and that means less slogging through pages and pages of results on everything from home rental options to flight routes.

Read Your Way Through Reykjavík

With a reputation for having more authors per capita than any other country, Iceland is a destination for readers. Olaf Olafsson, whose most recent book is “Touch,” leads a literary stroll through its capital.

What’s Old Is New Again on Shelter Island

The once sleepy isle gets updated hotels, a bagelry and a pop-up Marni shop.

A Construction-Themed Amusement Park Answers the Question, ‘Can You Dig It?’

At Diggerland U.S.A., children can experience the pleasures of heavy equipment firsthand. (Adults like it, too.)

Reckoning With Memories of Budapest

A Times journalist spent three months capturing a contemporary portrait of Hungary’s capital, where he lived for several years as a child in the early ’90s.

Retirees Take Part-Time Work in the Travel Industry

Spend 15 hours a week loading baggage at the airport or passing out towels at the pool, and you can see Europe for a fraction of the usual cost.

Things to Do In Denver, Where Festivals and Food Are on the Rise

Denver has regained its prepandemic vibrancy, with a plethora of new restaurants and hotels, and the return of some old favorites.

How Can Hawaii Balance Tourism and Culture?

John De Fries, the first native Hawaiian to lead the state’s tourism authority, discusses the delicate balance of tourism, culture and the environment — and why he got hooked on the TV show “The White Lotus.”

What Flying Is Like for Passengers Who Use Wheelchairs

To better understand the obstacles faced by wheelchair users, The Times sent a reporter and a photographer to document one man’s plane trip. Here’s what they saw.

Candles that Capture a Day at the Beach, Down to the Hot Dogs

Plus: vodkas made from oats and coffee cherry pulp, a retreat in the Cotswolds and more recommendations from T Magazine.

Climate Change Threatens Summer Stages and Outdoor Performances

In the West, wildfires are stopping shows. Extreme heat has led to cancellations in the South. And changing weather patterns are hobbling performances in the Northeast.

Admiring the Trees of Paris

From the dramatic weeping willows along the Seine to the London plane trees that line the Champs-Élysées, trees play a supporting role in the city’s inimitable elegance and grandeur.

House Hunting in South Africa: Carved Into a Mountain in Cape Town

On the Western Cape, South Africa’s most active market, sales are booming, driven largely by European buyers seeking safe investments.

Maritime Apps for Your Next Seaside Vacation

With the right software on your phone you can turn a getaway on the water into an opportunity for discovery, from deciphering signal flags to forecasting tides.

Travel Troubles

Two Times reporters answered your travel questions to help you navigate this hectic vacation season.

20 Years at 30,000 Feet: A Flight Attendant Answers Readers’ Questions

Does the cabin crew ever get scared in the air? Is there a secret flight attendant code? How do I survive a flight with my toddler? An industry insider answers.

Transportation Dept. Proposes Changes to Federal Policy on Flight Refunds

If a new federal policy goes into effect, Americans will have more recourse when airlines cancel or significantly delay flights.

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