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Congo economy
 1 Jan '23
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The economy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has declined drastically around the 1980s,[16] despite being home to vast potential in natural resources and mineral wealth; their gross domestic product is $48.994 billion as of 2019.

At the time of its independence in 1960, the Democratic Republic of the Congo was the second most industrialized country in Africa after South Africa. It boasted a thriving mining sector and its agriculture sector was relatively productive.[17] Since then, decades of corruption, war, and political instability have been a severe detriment to further growth, today leaving DRC with a GDP per capita and a HDI rating that rank among the world’s lowest and make the DRC one of the most fragile and according to United Nations, least developed countries in the world.

Despite this the DRC is quickly modernizing; it tied with Malaysia for the largest positive change in HDI development in 2016. Government projects include strengthening the health system for maternal and child health, expansion of electricity access, water supply reconstructions, and urban and social rehabilitation programs.

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