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International Driving Permit (IDP) where in Africa is it required?
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 30 Apr '24
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As a foreign driver, an **International Driving Permit (IDP)** is essential for legal compliance and safe driving in many African countries. Here’s a list of African nations where an IDP is either **required** or **recommended**:

1. **Required**:
– **Algeria**
– **Angola**
– **Benin**
– **Botswana**
– **Burkina Faso**
– **Burundi**
– **Cabo Verde**
– **Cameroon**
– **Central African Republic**
– **Chad**
– **Comoros**
– **Congo (both Democratic Republic and Republic)**
– **Djibouti**
– **Egypt**
– **Equatorial Guinea**
– **Eritrea**
– **Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)**
– **Ethiopia**
– **Gabon**
– **Gambia**
– **Ghana**
– **Guinea**
– **Guinea-Bissau**
– **Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)**
– **Kenya**
– **Lesotho**
– **Liberia**
– **Libya**
– **Madagascar**
– **Malawi**
– **Mauritania**
– **Mauritius**
– **Morocco**
– **Mozambique**
– **Namibia**
– **Niger**
– **Nigeria**
– **Rwanda**
– **Sao Tome and Principe**
– **Senegal**
– **Seychelles**
– **Somalia**
– **South Africa**
– **South Sudan**
– **Sudan**
– **Tanzania**
– **Togo**
– **Tunisia**
– **Uganda**
– **Zambia**
– **Zimbabwe**

2. **Recommended** (Even if not mandatory, having an IDP is advisable):
– **Other African countries not listed above**: Check specific requirements through tourist offices, embassies, or car rental companies¹.

Remember, an IDP simplifies interactions with local authorities and ensures a smooth driving experience across borders. 🚗🌍

Source : conversation avec Bing, 30/04/2024
(1) International Driving Permit Valid Countries | Drive Worldwide. https://internationaldriversassociation.com/countries/.
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