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If you are looking for a winter destination that combines excellent skiing, stunning scenery, and affordable prices, you might want to consider Pamporovo. Pamporovo is a popular ski resort in Smolyan Province, southern Bulgaria, set among Norway spruce forests in the Rhodope Mountains. It is one of the sunniest ski resorts in Europe, with more than 120 sunny days from December to May. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of what Pamporovo has to offer, from its history and importance to its accommodation, dining, and nightlife options.


Pamporovo offers a wide range of accommodation options for every taste and budget. You can choose from cozy chalets, modern apartments, or luxurious hotels with spa facilities and indoor pools. Some of the most popular hotels in Pamporovo are Hotel Orlovetz, Hotel Perelik, Hotel Snezhanka, Hotel Murgavets, and Hotel Finlandia. Most hotels are located near the ski lifts or offer shuttle services to the slopes. You can also find many private rentals on websites like Airbnb or

How to get in Pamporovo?

The nearest airport to Pamporovo is Plovdiv, which is about 80 km away. You can fly to Plovdiv from several European cities, such as London, Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul and Athens. From Plovdiv, you can take a bus, a taxi or rent a car to reach Pamporovo. The bus ride takes about two hours and costs around 10 leva (5 euros). The taxi ride takes about an hour and a half and costs around 100 leva (50 euros). The car rental costs around 40 leva (20 euros) per day, plus fuel and tolls.

Another option is to fly to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which is about 240 km away from Pamporovo. Sofia has more flight connections than Plovdiv, but the travel time is longer. From Sofia, you can take a bus, a train or rent a car to reach Pamporovo. The bus ride takes about four hours and costs around 20 leva (10 euros). The train ride takes about five hours and costs around 15 leva (7.5 euros). The car rental costs around 50 leva (25 euros) per day, plus fuel and tolls.

From the airport to your hotel

Get a transfer

Once you arrive in Pamporovo, you can enjoy the ski resort and its facilities. There are 37 km of ski runs, suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. There are also ski schools, ski lifts, ski rentals and ski shops. The resort offers various accommodation options, from hotels and apartments to chalets and villas. The average price for a night is around 50 leva (25 euros) per person. The resort also has restaurants, bars, clubs and spas for your entertainment and relaxation.

Pamporovo is a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is easy to get there by plane, bus, train or car. You can find more information about Pamporovo on its official website:

History of Pamporovo

Pamporovo was founded in 1933 as a winter sports center by a group of enthusiasts from the nearby town of Chepelare. The first ski lift was built in 1958, and the resort gradually expanded with more lifts, runs, and hotels. In 1981, Pamporovo hosted the World Alpine Ski Championships for women, which boosted its international reputation. Today, Pamporovo is one of the most visited ski resorts in Bulgaria, attracting tourists from all over Europe and beyond.

Ski resort

Pamporovo has 55 km of ski runs and 38 km of cross-country skiing tracks, suitable for beginners and intermediates. The highest peak in the area is Snezhanka (Snow White), at 1928 m above sea level, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The resort has 18 lifts with a total capacity of 13,000 skiers per hour, and snowmaking machines cover 90% of the slopes. The ski season lasts from December to April, and the average temperature in January is -3 degrees Celsius.


Pamporovo is not only a ski resort, but also a cultural and historical landmark. It is located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, which are considered to be the homeland of the mythical singer Orpheus and the legendary Thracian king Spartacus. The region is rich in folklore, traditions, and customs that reflect its diverse ethnic and religious heritage. Pamporovo is also an important ecological zone, as it is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas in Europe.

Eat and drink

After a day on the slopes, you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks in one of the many restaurants and bars in Pamporovo. The resort offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional Bulgarian dishes like banitsa (cheese pastry), shopska salad (tomato, cucumber, cheese), and kavarma (meat stew) to international favorites like pizza, pasta, burgers, and sushi. You can also try some local specialties like patatnik (potato pie), smilyanski beans (baked beans with herbs), or klin (dried meat). For drinks, you can sample some rakia (fruit brandy), boza (fermented wheat drink), or ayran (yogurt drink).


Pamporovo is not only a place for skiing, but also for having fun. The resort has a lively nightlife scene, with many clubs, pubs, and discos where you can dance until dawn. Some of the most popular venues are BJ’s Bar, Night Flight Club, Dak’s Bar, White Hart Pub, and Spider Night Club. You can also find live music, karaoke nights, bowling alleys, and casinos in Pamporovo. If you prefer a more relaxed evening, you can watch a movie at the cinema or enjoy a massage at your hotel.


Pamporovo is a great destination for anyone who loves skiing, nature, culture, and entertainment. It is a resort that combines quality services with reasonable prices and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, Pamporovo has something for everyone. Book your trip now and discover the charms of this amazing ski resort!

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