Sunny Beach, Black Sea, Bulgaria, Europe’s pet kennel number one
Beaches, Bulgaria
 24 Mar '24
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Sunny Beach houses quite a lot of pets. They may look well fed although in winter the cats must be continuously hungry. They can welcome you in the Black Sea area, as soon as you leave the central station in Burgas, with a very rough, raw “miauw!!!”. During my walks through the first strip of about 500 meter behind the beach it struck me how they can stand there zapping and nibbling on just some little thing. Probably a late insect or a piece of fish that fell from the mouth of a passing seagull.

Invasion of the first non-Bulgarians in Sunny Beach

It may sound a little bit rude but what many continental Europeans discover in later adult years, most british and Irish know from in their cradle: Bulgaria has affordable property. Of course the average European from the continent no longer lives in the dark about the prices of Bulgarian real estate, nor can you generalize this for the whole country, e.g. Sofia is more expensive than the best neighborhoods in Brussels since years. Later you can read in more than one oversea’s newspaper, British and Irish suddenly wanted their money back after which only half the fleet returnt to the British isles. Every human who ever kept a pet and moved must have experienced how difficult it is to keep them inside and take them home.

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