Some great ski resorts in Bulgaria
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 5 Oct '23
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If you are looking for a winter destination that offers great skiing, stunning scenery and affordable prices, you might want to consider Bulgaria. This Balkan country has a rich and diverse landscape, with 37 mountains and over 200 ski slopes to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find a ski resort that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria that you should check out.


Bansko is the most popular and modern ski resort in Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin mountain range. It has 75 km (47 mi) of slopes, ranging from easy to challenging, and 14 ski lifts that can transport up to 24,500 people per hour. Bansko also boasts the longest ski season in Bulgaria, from December to May, thanks to its high altitude and snowmaking facilities. The resort has a charming old town with traditional stone houses, cobblestone streets and cozy taverns, as well as a modern ski center with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Bansko hosts various events throughout the year, such as the Bansko Jazz Festival, the Bansko Film Fest and the Snowboard World Cup.

Borovets is the oldest and largest ski resort in Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the Rila mountain range. It has 58 km (36 mi) of slopes, suitable for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, and 13 ski lifts, including a six-seater gondola. Borovets is also known for its night skiing, which is available on four illuminated slopes until 10 pm. The resort has a lively apres-ski scene, with many bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Borovets is also a great base for exploring the natural wonders of Rila, such as the Seven Rila Lakes and the Rila Monastery.

Pamporovo is the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria, located in the heart of the Rhodope mountain range. It has 30 km (19 mi) of slopes, mostly suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, and 13 ski lifts. Pamporovo is famous for its mild climate and sunny days, which make skiing more enjoyable and less tiring. The resort has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with many hotels, restaurants and entertainment options to choose from. Pamporovo is also close to some of the most picturesque villages in Bulgaria, such as Shiroka Laka and Momchilovtsi.

Other ski resorts
If you are looking for a quieter and more authentic ski experience, you can also try some of the smaller ski resorts in Bulgaria, such as:

– St. John Hill Bansko Ski & Spa Resort: A luxury apartment-hotel in Bansko that offers fantastic panoramic views of the mountains and easy access to the slopes.
– Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort: A thermal spa resort in Dobrinishte that offers relaxing and healing treatments with its own thermal water spring.
– Mechi Chal – Chepelare: A ski resort in Chepelare that has the longest ski run in Bulgaria (5.5 km/3.4 mi) and a modern snow park.
– Vitosha/​Aleko – Sofia: A ski resort on Vitosha mountain that is only 15 km (9 mi) away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
– Bodrost/​Kartala: A ski resort on Kartala mountain that offers cat-skiing opportunities for adventurous skiers.

Bulgaria is a hidden gem for winter sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy quality skiing without breaking the bank. The country has a variety of ski resorts that cater to different tastes and abilities, as well as a rich culture and history that will make your stay more memorable. So pack your skis and head to Bulgaria for your next winter holiday!

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